Do you, like many women, sometimes feel insecure, despite your success? There’s nothing wrong with that. What matters is how you deal with it.

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In Amazing Women ten women tell their personal stories, women who often don’t see themselves as inspirational women, although in my opinion, they should. Each one is special because of her confidence in herself, her ability to overcome difficult situations and her ambition to make her dreams come true. Read the stories about Fabienne Chapot, Liesbeth Pool, Josette Dijkhuizen, Jolanda Urbano, Annemiek van Lier, Marina Fernhout-Mollemans, Agartha Frimpong, Nelly van Gelder, Vera Moet and mine.

What is so special and inspiring is that these inspirational women could be our neighbors, friends, sisters, aunts, stepmothers, daughters or co-workers, anyone close to us. So close that we sometimes fail to see how inspirational they really are.

The question is whether you give yourself the chance to feel like an inspirational woman. Discover the inspirational woman in you with this interactive book, Amazing Women!

Amazing Women

Inspiring women stories

Readers’ Reviews

Amazing Inspiration! July 4, 2014

quote What a great motivational read! You will find many excellent life lessons in this book with 10 different interesting stories. When you’re down in the dumps, this book will boost up your mojo power! I enjoyed the contrast on what these women went through, and how to improve yourself through series of helpful lessons. A great way to expand your mind and set the tone for day on the right track! quotes

By Book Worm

This is the Real Deal – Get Inspired! June 29, 2014 

quote Amazing Women is a book that’s real, inspiring, motivational, encouraged, and full of so many different important life stories you could read it ten times and still will learn. In it you will find the life stories of ten amazing women that stood up and took control of their life. Staring adversity in the face and persevering through all sorts of different life challenges to reach their goals and beyond.

Ten different stories, hundreds of life lessons learned. Love this book and highly recommend you read it. Nicely done! quotes

By Cathy Wilson

Truly an Inspirational Read, June 26, 2014 

quote By Truly an inspirational read that can be of benefit to anyone who reads this book of 10 different tales of the adversity and what it took to overcome it by women who faced their darkest fears. This book carries an important message, or should I say, 10 important messages that are inspirational. Well done and one book that will leave you feeling better about your circumstances and help build your confidence in overcoming whatever obstacles you might be facing or will face. quotes

Dennis Waller TOP 500 REVIEWER


Finally women are understood. June 25, 2014

quote Finally women are understood, after writing about women, or should I say, people, as women are also people, who inspire, who share their wisdom, who finally understand and can share their experiences. And rich experiences they are. We can show our passion and fight for things we believe in, and in this wonderful book that I recommend for any woman AND MAN, you can see that we shine with men together. We have our own stories to tell. And these women are superb in every way. Just get your copy and see if I’m wrong. quotes


By Vor Thora  

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